Bringing Young Fans and Retired Athletes Together

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1. Project background
2. Objective
3. User Research
4. Customer Journeys
5. Screens
6. Result

1. Project background

Athletes are positive role models for young people. A startup with strong ties to the athlete community in the U.S. saw an opportunity and developed an idea for a social media platform that connects athletes and young people. The startup's goal was to launch their MVP as soon as possible. Despite the fact that the startup tapped into a large pool of athletes, there was no clear understanding of what their users required and what they could offer to help them.

2. Objective

Identify the target groups and their needs. Create and prioritize features that will further support our target groups.

3. User Research

The team identified two target audiences: young sports fans aged 18 to 25, and retired athletes. Young fans are drawn to athletes not only for what they represent in their sports and lifestyles, but also for what they can teach them. Retired athletes have the freedom to use their time in new ways, but occasionally find themselves without direction or discipline.

Young sports fans key insights:

Athletes from all backgrounds can help young sports fans advance in life.
“You don’t have to be top tier, as long as you have experienced some form of success.”
Rugby & E-sports fan
Young sports fans value having close ties with athletes.
“You become that athlete when they reach out to you.”
Basketball fan
Young sports fans are prepared to pay for content.
“I pay if I know it is exclusive.”
Football & Track fan
According to additional research, young female sports fans do not feel safe on popular social media platforms. Bullying and harassment drive them "underground," making it difficult for them to connect with peers and fans.

Retired athletes key insights:

Retired athletes see themselves as mentor.
“The converation is about chaising dreams, getting people eduated, live skills, being a good person.”
Retired athletes are customer focused.
“The question is what do customers need. We offer a service, that is what we do.”
Retired athletes want attention.
“We have all this knowledge but I want share it with people. I need the crowd!”
Ex-Track & Field
It's worth noting that female athletes (both active and retired) aren't as active on social media platforms as male athletes, due to the reality that these platforms are often unsafe and hostile to women. 

4. Customer Journeys

The collected insights from young sports fans and retired athletes were implemented in the following customer journeys:
Expectations regarding the safety of platforms or locating athletes who can assist you in progressing are not met by the end of the journey, and emotional and engagement levels plummet significantly. 
Because of a lack of professional guidance and clear directions, the retired female athlete's engagement is high while her emotions remain constant, whereas the retired male athlete's engagement is low while his emotions remain constant.

5. Screens

Onboarding for young sports fans
The platform assures young sports fans that it is 100% dedicated to sports and is safe to use.
Onboarding for retired athletes
(the platform adresses retired athletes as athletes) The platform guarantees retired athletes that it is entirely focused on sports and enables them to access resources and expert assistance.
Access to athletes
Based on their preferences and needs, young sports fans have access to all types of active and retired athletes.
Tools for retired athletes
Athletes can choose from a variety of options that produce a range of mentors and resources to aid in their development.

6. Result

There is a solid foundation to build on.The startup has begun to develop educational programs, and the platform is attracting an increasing number of athletes and fans.

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