Your Channels Streamlined All At Once

Year 2017, Region APAC.
Challenge Improve the workflow of social media managers and directors.
Outcome Social Media Management dashboard that supports all popular social media platforms.
The inability to adjust a post in real time across a number of digital channels is one of the major frustrations social media professionals experience every day. Our team saw an opportunity to change the narrative and designed a new social media editor from the ground up.
We started with interviewing a diverse group of content creators, and they gave us a much needed insight about our target group's user needs:

“I can't adjust my channels with my brand assets at once. That is why I have an account for almost every image and text editor available!”.

Social Media Director

“I wouldn’t have signed up for Platform X if I would have known that there was no possibility to adjust my content with my brand assets”.

Head of Social

“I don't have time to hop from one tool to another, yet that is what I do all day”.

Head of Digital APAC

Responding to these comments, the team took a good look at existing tools and decided to design a new tool from the ground up. One of the requirements was to use familiar design patterns found in popular content creation tools, so people can hit the ground running. However our assumptions had to be tested first, therefore the team set out to define a number of hypotheses (as shown below) for usertesting after finishing the wireframes:

"Does the artboard in the centre of the feature give the user enough incentive to start?"

Hypothesis #2

"Do users drag the items in the modules on the left and right side of the application into the artboard at the centre of the feature?"

Hypothesis #3

Is the difference between the modules “artboard” and “canvas” on the right side of the feature clear to a user?
Hypothesis #4

Does the user feel empowered before and after using the SMM Editor?
Hypothesis #19

The main challenge was to allow social media professionals to adjust posts across a number of digital channels and tests showed encouraging results. The wireframes went into production and the final product is now available.