30+ Years of Consumer Price Data in One Place

Year: 2017. Deliverables: Price Index Dashboard. Agency: Qurate. Client: Economic Data Company. Services: Information Architecture, UX/UI Design, Project Coordination, Client Soundboard.
Year: 2017. Deliverable Online Price Monitor. Company: Qurate. Client: Economic Data Company. Tasks: User Research, Information Architecture, UX Design, Project Coordination. 
A UK based economic data company start-up gathers price data for a number of years. This price data covers almost every product price in the UK between 1986 and 2016, making it a valuable resource for researchers, students, and consumers.

Our team was approached to bring this price data to life in the form of a price monitor and launch the initiative around the anniversary of a British financial institution. The team worked together with the start-up to study the data, identify user needs, and resolve data visualization complexities. First and foremost, the team sought to develop a way that wouldn't scare away non professionals. The result is an engaging use interface that supports a broad user spectrum, yet pact with tools for those who seek scientific results. 

The landing page shows a product categories overview visualized as colored circles.

The user can select a product category or a specific product in the product categories overview panel on the left side of the screen.

A user can save selected product categories or single products for research purposes, study, or social sharing.